Teaching profession is one of the most rewarding but also one of the most stressful occupations. Along with the fact that there is no public available stress management training for teachers, the causes of stress in teacher profession result from the large volume of work, a bad social status of teachers, low income, overload at work, problems with maintaining discipline in the classroom etc. Teachers long exposition to a variety of stressful situations leads to disruption of psychological and physical health, which directly reflects on the quality of the teaching process.

Stress-free teachers provide teachers with effective stress management techniques right now in order to be able to continue to deliver the best service in the school.

Our objective is to build a stress management programme for teaching profession which can be implemented in everyday school work. Using the programme, schools can recognize stress with the school professionals, use mitigation strategies, lower it and create an environment, which will be better for all participants in the education process.

As the final result we plan to create:

  • a pan-European analysis of good practices in stress management in Europe,
  • a manual of good practices of prevention of stress,
  • an online e-learning portal with stress management programme for the teachers,
  • a network of Centers in partners countries for Stress management in the teaching profession.