The Stress-free teachers' project aims to build a stress management programme for teaching profession through a structured digital training platform based on the Moodle system.

The purpose of the project is to set up innovative e-learning courses based on the results of pan-European analysis of good practices in stress management in Europe and a manual of good practices of prevention of stress.

The training courses focus on the following content:

  • Introduction to Moodle (HOW TO USE STRESS-FREE TEACHERS);
  • Organizational methods that include social support methods provided at the school level for promoting proper organizational microclimate, relationships, open communication and support (ORGANIZING THE WAY YOU WORK IN SCHOOL);
  • Rational methods to cope with stress (ORGANIZING DAILY LIFE);
  • Relaxation methods (LEARN METHODS TO RELAX);
  • Suggestions for the improvement of personal competences to cope better with stress (IMPROVE PERSONAL COMPETENCE);

The Stress-free teachers’ courses, available in 6 languages, use the project based and the problem-based learning approaches, promoting proper organizational microclimate, relationships, open communication, and support.